Sunday, February 24, 2008

London Tour

The tower of London is a famouse tower. It was a prison in the middle ages. The Tower Bridge is a bridge in London. It needs 90 seconds to lift and it lifts 500 times a year. The Globe Theatre is a famouse theather in London. It is a copy of Shakespeares theather that burned down a long time ago. London Eye is a wheel in London. It is 135 m. long. The Houses of Parliament's real name is the Palace of Westminster. In the year 1605 some people tried to blow it up, but they failed. Buckingham Palace is the Queen's home in London. It has 600 rooms. Trafalgar Square is a famouse square in London. It got it's name after The Trafalgar war. Piccadilly Circus is the center of nightlife in London. The famouse statue of Eros is there, it's a great place to meet someone. St Paul's Cathedral has a very special cupola. It's called Whispering Gallery.

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