Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Famous people of Estonia

Jaan Rannap is a writer. He has written children's books. Erki Nool is an athlete. He has taken part in the Olympic Games. Ellen Niit is a writer. She has written poems for children and grown-ups. Veljo Tormis is a composer. He has written choir music. Tõnu Kark is an actor. He has acted in many films. Maarja is a singer. She has sung in the Eurovision song contest.Navitrolla is an artist. He has painted a lot of pictures.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


B 1. jooma - drink, drunk, drunken Do you drink milk? 2. kohtuma - meet, met, met 3. minema - go, went, gone 4. kirjutama - write, wrote, written 5. kaotama - lose, lost, lost

Tuesday, March 4, 2008


I have visited Hiiumaa twice. I first went there in the year 2006. I went whit my mother and visited my mothers friend from school. She lived there during the summer. The second time I went there was last year. Everything was the same. I have been to Jurmala in Latvia with my mother and relatives. We went there by bus. We swam there in the aquapark. And we bought some of Latvias ice cream.
I have been to Pärnu once. I went there in the second grade. I went there whit my mother, the 6th grade from my school then and its homeroom teacher that was a friend of my mothers.
I have been to Saaremaa once. My aunt Nora and uncle live there. They invited us over. We went there by a ferry-boat.